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What can we learn about trading from the “King of the Jungle”

lions and trading

Learning why a Lion is so successful when on the hunt should be used used in any great endever….

Any professional trader, whether they realize it or not, shares many traits and behaviors with the ‘King of the jungle’. A lion in the wild provides us with an excellent metaphor to help us understand how to behave in the market.

Just what is the fundamental forecast for the dollar


What fun, trying to predict the future of the US dollar, and with the upcoming financial reports, well…..

There can be disadvantages to being the world’s most liquid currency. The Dollar’s intrinsic integration into the global financial system makes it particularly vulnerable when its fundamental health is shaken and the world is in a state of flux. That is where we find ourselves now.

So, they finally admit to an economic slowdown


Will we see an increase in interest rates, when will the banks start charging their customers for deposits….

The common force yesterday was the revising of forecasts to the reality of slower growth, both domestically and globally. This was seen both by the US Federal Reserve and the UK Chancellor has he presented his budget.

Are you a novice currency trader

novice trading costs

There is no doubt, without a good trading plan, anyone will lose over time….

There is no need to be a beginner to make mistakes while trading in the financial markets. As a fact, a lot of advanced players do errors, when their discipline is not under control, and intuition or feelings come into the game. So do not wonder what these professional traders have that you do not, as the answer is quite straightforward.

Hits at bottom USD/CNH – Chart setup

us dollar-chinese yaun

Checking other strategists opinions is sometimes helpful, the FOREX market is very…..

The US Dollar may be preparing to turn higher against the Chinese Yuan in offshore trade after putting in a bullish Morning Star candlestick pattern. The greenback has failed to build on the setup thus far however, with prices seemingly waiting for a further catalyst to gain traction.

Do you know the three trader personality profiles

upword trading

If you are just starting out trading currencies, this book might be a start for your education….

In his book, “Mechanical Trading Systems: Pairing Trader Psychology with Technical Analysis,” author Richard Weissman identifies three basic trader personality profiles: trend-following, mean-reversion, and day-trading types.