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Currency Trading Tips! Get Rich!

Currency Trading Tips! Get Rich!

Currency Trading Tips! Get Rich!

What are you actually purchasing or selling in the currency market?

The retail FX market is purely a speculative market. No physical exchange of currencies ever takes place.

The primary factor the FX market exists is to assist in the exchange of one currency into another for multinational corporations who need to trade currencies constantly (for example, for payroll, payment for costs of products and services from foreign suppliers, and merger and acquisition activity).

These daily business needs comprise only about 20% of the market volume. Totally 80% of trades in the currency market is speculative in nature, placed on by big financial institutions, multi-billion dollar hedge funds as well as people who want to express their viewpoints on the geopolitical and financial occasions of the day.

Significance of Trading in Pairs

When a trader makes a trade he or she is always long one currency and short the other since currencies constantly trade in pairs. For example, if a trader offers one standard lot (comparable to 100,000 units) of EUR/USD, she would, in essence, have exchanged euros for dollars and would now be short euro and long dollars.

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To much better comprehend this vibrant trading system, let’s use a concrete example. If you entered into an electronic devices store and acquired a computer system for $1,000, what would you be doing? You would be exchanging your dollars for a computer system. You would basically be brief $1,000 and long 1 computer. The shop would be long $1,000 today short 1 computer system in its stock. The precise very same concept uses to the FX market, other than that no physical exchange takes place. While all transactions are merely computer entries, the effects are no less genuine.

Great Returns in Currency Trading

The opportunities for unequaled returns and financial investment defense in the brave new world of foreign currency investing are second to none.

Go to Foreign Currency Trading for clear descriptions of the mechanics of currency trading, a thorough discussion of all relevant foreign exchange rules and guidelines, and a comprehensive glossary with literally hundreds of terms important to forex trading. With previously imposing currency trading constraints having actually been overruled in current court rulings, the world of foreign currency trading is a rapidly-expanding and amazing field.


The main reason the FX market exists is to facilitate the exchange of one currency into another for international corporations who need to trade currencies continuously (for example, for payroll, payment for expenses of items and services from foreign suppliers, and merger and acquisition activity).

In Foreign Currency Trading, monetary executives Russell Wasendorf, Sr., and Russell Wasendorf, Jr., describe foreign currency trading in plain terms and assist you to understand the threats, advantages, and functional requirements that you will require to take advantage of this market’s tremendous capacity.

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What if you are trading the wrong way

pick from money tree

Learning different techniques and strategies in currency trading is all about reading how others work teir magic….

OK, first things first, you really need to remove all the ‘crap’ on your charts. If you are new to price action trading and specifically to my ‘version’ of price action trading, you need to listen up…

The U.K.’s February Inflation report and the GBP/USD

GBP-USD chart

What is the possibility of the U.K. raising interest rates, and how will this report affect currency trading…….

The U.K. typically dumps most of its inflation-related reports in one go, giving forex market watchers a better picture of how overall price levels are faring. The PPI or producer price index shows changes in raw materials and input prices, making it a leading indicator of consumer inflation. The RPI (retail price index) and HPI (house price index) also provide clues on inflation trends.

Hedging with the updated Meta Trader 5

meta trader 5

For those of you using the Meta Trader 4, the Meta Trader 5 should be of interest….

MetaTrader 5 Build 1274 has been released on MetaQuotes demo server after this Friday’s session close. It is potentially one of the most exciting MT5 updates for many traders. It makes hedging possible. Yes, you can now go long and short on the same currency pair at the same time in MetaTrader 5. For now, it is only on demo accounts — you have to open a special hedging demo account to use that feature.

Are you a novice currency trader

novice trading costs

There is no doubt, without a good trading plan, anyone will lose over time….

There is no need to be a beginner to make mistakes while trading in the financial markets. As a fact, a lot of advanced players do errors, when their discipline is not under control, and intuition or feelings come into the game. So do not wonder what these professional traders have that you do not, as the answer is quite straightforward.

What is going on in the European countries

EUR-USD chart

You should be keeping a close eye on the financial status of those countries across the pond….as well as here in the U.S.

The saga of the Euro continues, and in the most recent installment investors around the world are waiting for an increase or extension in QE. The ECB teased this in October, pulled back in December, and then re-mentioned in January. Will they finally deliver in March? Judging by price action, some traders think so.