Preview – USD ISM Manufacturing PMI report

The US is releasing a report tomorrow morning, Wednesday, August, 1st at 10:00 AM ET, along with 2 other reports –

I did not enter a trade last time – there was a good trigger.

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Tomorrow, Wednesday, 08-01-12 at 10:00 AM ET the USD ISM Manufacturing PMI report will be released along with two other report.

USD Construction Spending (MoM)
USD ISM Manufacturing Prices

USD ISM Manufacturing PMI has the greatest impact on the currency markets.

The USD ISM Manufacturing PMI is released by the Institute of Supply Management
and is released monthly,

and the Construction Spending is released by the Census Bureau and is released monthly.

And the USD ISM Manufacturing Prices is released by Institute for Supply Management.

I did a “follow up” post for last month, click here for a review.

I did not enter a trade last time – there was a good trigger.


I have discontinued news currency trading since I do not know the political bent of the reporting agencies – world wide economic problems have put political leaders in a very powerful position – so, take each news report with a “grain of salt”

I will continue recording the news reports.

Here is the set up for this month:

USD ISM Manufacturing PMI stats:

Previous = 49.7

Forecast = 50.4     

The Manufacturing PMI as “forecast” shows a small increase  for the US economy.

Here is how I am set up for tomorrow:

Looking for a Change of 2 to 3
Actual >  Forecast = Good for USD
USD ISM Manufacturing PMI
out at 52.4 or higher – BUY USD/JPY
out at 48.4 or lower – SELL USD/JPY

Watch for a conflict with the USD ISM Manufacturing Prices  “actual” report

I did post a “follow up” soon after, click here to see what happened.

I posted a video of a past release of this report,click here to see what happened:

The next scheduled release of the USD – Manufacturing PMI is Monday, 09-03-12 at 10:00 AM ET.

I will probably post a “preview” a day or two prior.

So, stay tuned!

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